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As a versatile singer, songwriter and producer, I offer a range of services from my home studio. In addition to providing vocal coaching and performance training, I also offer professional voiceover services, session singing, and songwriting. Please refer to my portfolio for samples.

Whether you're looking for a unique vocal performance for your next project, need help refining your songwriting skills, or require a professional voiceover for your business or personal needs, I have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

With a passion for all genres of music and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, I look forward to working with you and helping you bring your vision to life. Please feel free to contact me via email to learn more about my services and to schedule a session.

“Lara is a talented and productive singer, songwriter, and producer. She also writes the best lyrics that fit perfectly with every song that I produce. She is always very fast at writing lyrics and recording vocal arrangements. With her positive attitude, beautiful voice, and professional background, it is always so much fun and easy to finalize my productions. I am very lucky to work with such a professional."

Gonca, Music Producer

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