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Welcome to the world of Lara Başakıncı, a dynamic American Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Vocal Coach with roots tracing back to the vibrant city of Istanbul, Turkey. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music Performance with a specialization in Vocals from London, Lara has meticulously developed her craft, emerging as a versatile professional voice. Her rich experience spans the gamut from electrifying stage performances to studio brilliance across an array of modern genres.

Lara's prowess shines through as she crafts compelling top-lines for DJs, producers, and esteemed production labels spanning the globe. With a great love of learning and teaching, she extends her extraordinary artistry by offering personalized vocal coaching and songwriting mentorship to budding musicians and vocalists.

Discover Collaborative Possibilities

Lara eagerly anticipates opportunities for collaboration, session work, and performances. Her magnetic presence and exceptional talents can enhance any project. Reach out for project collaborations or to book her for sessions. She's also enthusiastic about sharing her expertise through private lessons.

Stay Connected

Connect with Lara via email or the convenient contact form provided below. You can also catch her latest updates on Instagram by following @lbasa & @lbv.coaching. Lara is on a perpetual quest to share her musical gifts with the world and looks forward to connecting with you!

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