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Discover the range of my voiceover and session work by exploring some of my portfolio of samples. Let's collaborate on your next project and bring your creative vision to life. Contact me via email and let's start making something amazing together!

Voiceover Samples

Take a listen to some of my voiceover work, which includes a range of projects such as news broadcasts and jingles. From conveying important information to capturing a brand's personality, I bring a versatile and professional approach to every project.

Snapmuse Promo

Take a listen to my voiceover in this promotional advertisement for where I highlight the benefits of this Web 3.0 platform for Youtube creators.

Assorted Session Work

Vakkorama Dub

This video features a documentary-style voiceover that is both informative and engaging, drawing the viewer in and helping them to understand the topic being discussed. Clear and concise delivery makes it easy for the viewer to follow along and absorb the information being presented.

Enjoy a playlist of my diverse work as a singer-songwriter across multiple genres.

Irish Spirit

Check out these original songs I wrote and performed for The Irish Spirit project: "The Irish Spirit," "In My Bones," and "Never Let You Go."

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